Chapter One Storm Peace

Chapter 1: Storm Peace

You are all on your way to the small fishing village of Silvershore. Through one way or another, you have all heard that they offer work there. There is also passage to many different cities further on. No matter what you hope to accomplish, you know that this is the next step on your journey. Eventually after you head out of your respective holdings, it starts to rain, and finally storm. Lighting crackles across the sky, booming thunder dominates your hearing. You know you must get out of the storm soon. Just ahead, a light emanates out of a cave mouth. At first you are hesitant of entering the cave, hopefully these people believe in Storm Peace…

Player Knowledge

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Storm Peace, Read the following.

“The basic concept is that an automatic truce
exists between all individuals and groups who seek
shelter in neutral territory during a lightning storm.
Such weather is simply too dangerous for fighting,
regardless of people’s feelings toward one other.
Storm-peace is assumed to be in effect unless
someone specifically rejects it. Even so, whenever
two strangers meet during a lightning storm, they
often greet one another by asking “Storm-peace?”
simply to ensure that the other knows and respects
the tradition.”
-3.5 Adventure: A Dark and Stormy Night

Chapter One Storm Peace

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