Humble Beginnings

Finding A Path (episode 3 )

Before closing a portal that leads to the feywilde, our heros discover what could possibly be a staging of the people that razed Deepshore to the ground. They also ran from newts, but hey, they were some scary fucking newts.

Chapter Two: Finding a Path (ep 2)
Episode 2

Well after one eventful night, the gang finds themselves split up once more, as a few of them go to handle a gremlin infestation, (rather unsuccessfully) while Dylan and Molos go out for a day on the town. What could happen next? How will the captive gremlins be treated by a society that doesn’t want them? What will Dylan and Molos buy?

Chapter Two: Finding a Path
Episode 1

The groups enter the town during a gathering, a candlelight vigil is being held for the loss of the city of Deepshore, the hometown of one Dylan Marlowe. What is going on? Is there something more to Dylan than meets the eye? CAN BARS REALLY NOT BE SEEDY?

Chapter One: Storm Peace (ep3)
Episode 3(Final)

The caves were navigated, the treasure plundered, Experience gain. With the town in sight, the group breaks into two and they head out. Onwards to Silvershore!

Chapter One: Storm Peace (ep2)
Episode Two

After receiving a warning about the flash food from the ranger Zayden, the group decides to venture further into the cave. After a thirty minute discussion with a group of kobolds, I think we can firmly state that Kobolds do not honor the Storm Peace, or maybe it’s because you have already killed some of them? Either way, there is no turning back now. Seriously, it was a dead end. No need to turn back.

Chapter One: Storm Peace
Episode One

After a dangerous storm brews, our party finds themselves together for the first time. They were attacked by Kobolds after having a lovely dinner under the banner of Storm Peace. Good times were had by all, kobolds were mercilessly slain, and a river has started to flood. Looks like they better get to higher ground!

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